Booking Appointments


If you have a medical or administrative issue that you would like help with today or within the next 7 days you can contact us online by clicking HERE.

By answering 3 or 4 simple questions along with your details the new system generates a ‘request form’ which will be reviewed within 1 working day (but only during normal Surgery hours). We will then take appropriate action according to the urgency, which may result in a telephone call, email or text message response from us.

This simple access method will offer an effective alternative to the busy telephone system and we would like all our patients to use this if they can.  

A full list of ways to contact us for the most common queries is detailed below:

  • Non-urgent medical advice in the next 7 days – use the new Online Form.
  • Non-clinical help (e.g. change of personal details, Med 3 fit to work notes, death certificates etc.) – use the new Online Form.
  • Urgent appointments – use the new Online Form. (if it is an emergency please telephone us (option 1) or phone 999).
  • Routine appointments (in next 7-28 days) – Telephone  us (option 2).
  • Test results –  use the new Online Form.
  • Repeat prescriptions – Call the Medicines Order Line on 01246 588860 or use the NHS App to order.

We do understand that not all patients have internet access and these patients are still able to call us if they do not have anyone who can complete a contact form for them.

Our hope is that more patients will use the new system which will make it easier for us to triage requests and provide patients with a timely and appropriate response.


Extended Access Appointments

We are working with several local surgeries to offer appointments in the evenings and at weekends from September 2018. We are already open at Staffa Health to 8pm on Thursday evenings and Saturday morning 07:30 to 10:30. Other local practices will be open on weekday evenings and on Sunday and from September 2018 and will also see Staffa Health patients. This additional access is designed to help patients get an appointment at a more convenient time. For more information on this and to book one of these appointments please speak to a receptionist.

Appointment Reminders / Text Service

We send SMS (text message) appointment confirmation and reminder messages. The SMS messages are free – there is no charge to receive them. Please ensure that you keep us informed if your mobile number is no longer in use or if you have changed your number.  If you do not wish to receive the SMS messages please inform us.


Please let us know as soon as possible if you no longer require an appointment so that we can offer it to another patient who may need it.

Patients Who Do Not Attend

On your next visit to the practice you will find a notice displayed in the waiting room showing the number of wasted appointments last week across our four Surgeries.  There is always a tremendous demand for appointments so it is disappointing when patients fail to turn up. The situation is monitored closely and, where a pattern is developing, patients are contacted to discuss the situation and to point out that it is not something which can continue.  Wherever possible, we will work with the patient to try to overcome whatever is causing the difficulty but if the pattern continues, the patient may be removed from the Practice list.

Managing Appointments Online

All patients are able to register with our Online Patient Access system or the NHS App which allows you to book and change appointments online. You can also use these systems to order repeat medications and view your medical records. To register for our online booking system please click here.

Patients can click here to contact us online