Cancer Information

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be a shock and your head may be full of questions and thoughts about what lies ahead. This is perfectly natural. You might be worried about what treatment you may have to have. You could also be worried about how your family and friends will deal with the news or how you will cope both physically and mentally.

Hopefully this page will start to answer some of those questions and direct you to reliable places where you can find further information.

If you are concerned that you may have symptoms of cancer please give us a call to talk about it. Early diagnosis of cancer increases your chances of survival significantly.

Information About Cancer

Click HERE to visit the NHS website page on cancer. This page includes lots of information including:

  • What is cancer?
  • How to spot signs and symptoms of cancer
  • Reducing your risk of cancer
  • Treatment for cancer
  • Links to information on specific types of cancer

If you notice any changes or something that isn’t normal for you it is important that you contact your GP and get it checked out.

Referral Pathways

If you need to get in touch, we are ready to help you safely.  You will initially talk through your concerns in a telephone or video consultation.  If we feel you need to be seen we can arrange to do this in a safe and secure environment.

If we need to refer you for tests we will do so in the safest way possible.  All GP surgeries and hospital settings are following strict guidance on infection control to protect ourselves and our patients.

Screening Programmes

In the UK we have 3 cancer screening programmes. These are for:

  • Breast
  • Bowel
  • Cervical

It is really important that you attend for screening when you are invited.  The screening tests are designed to detect cancer in its very early stages. Early detection and diagnosis leads to better outcomes from treatment.


Please click HERE for a guide to screening programmes within the UK.

If you have any concerns about screening the information and leaflets below may be helpful and reassuring. Please do not hesitate to speak to any of our staff about your concerns.

Breast Screening Information

Bowel Screening Information

Cervical Screening Information

Transgender Cervical Screening Information

Easy-Read Leaflet – Spotting cancer early

Other Support Services

At Staffa Health we have a Cancer Champion. This is a member of staff who can signpost you to further help and information or send you leaflets relevant to your needs.

Our Cancer Champion is Sharon Ingram. Sharon has been an administrator at Staffa Health for 5 years and she has had first-hand experience of cancer through her own diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in 2018.

You can contact Sharon by calling any of our sites between 10am-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday or send an email to: [email protected]

You may find the websites below useful for further information about cancer and the support available.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Cancer Research UK

NHS Cancer Information

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

Breast Cancer Now

Bowel Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK

Lung Cancer – British Lung Foundation

Skcin – Skin Cancer Information

Coronavirus and Cancer

Links to easy read leaflets for people with Learning Disabilities

Patients can click here to contact us online