Flu Clinics 2018

This year NHS England has recommended three variations of vaccine for influenza tailored to a person’s age. The three vaccines are for the following groups:

  • children aged 2-3 years and 0-18 in at-risk groups
  • 18-64 years in at-risk groups
  • all patients aged 65 years and over.

Delivery of the three vaccines is planned throughout September, October and November and will be staged, dependent on the manufacturer’s timetables. This will affect the availability of the different vaccines and when patients in each of the above groups can receive the relevant one.

Below are the dates and times of the drop-in Flu Clinics for 2018.

Please be aware that some clinics are only for certain age groups. These are clearly marked. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THESE CLINICS IF YOU DO NOT FALL INTO THE AGE CATEGORY AS THE VACCINE YOU REQUIRE IS UNLIKELY TO BE AVAILABLE.

Flu Clinic Information 24.09.18