Higher Risk Patients

Highest Risk (shielding) Patients

Updated shielding guidelines June 2020

The information below summarises the recommendations for shielding patients from the 6th July and the 1st August 2020.

Information for shielding patients

We have had a high number of patients contact us asking whether they should be in the governments Highest Risk group and should be shielding, or that they think they should be shielding but haven’t received a letter. The information below explains what the Highest Risk group is; who would have had a letter and when and what to do if you still think you should be in the Highest Risk Group and don’t receive a letter.

Information for patients regarding Highest Risk Group 15.04.20

If you are social-distancing because you are in a vulnerable group you can click HERE to download a letter from Staffa Health to give to your employer. Please print, tick the relevant boxes and submit to your employer.

Moderate Risk Patients

Those who are at moderate risk of severe illness from coronavirus are advised to stringently follow social distancing measures. This includes anyone over 70, anyone under 70 who would qualify for a flu jab on health grounds, and pregnant women. Full guidance on who is more vulnerable and who should be stringently following social distancing measures can be found HERE.

Patients can click here to contact us online