Pilsley Consultation

Pilsley Surgery Consultation Update, Tuesday 8th October 2019

We really do thank everyone who has provided feedback and personal impact information on this very difficult major decision.

The Practice has been exploring different options to address the increasing difficulty in maintaining our services at all four current sites for some three years now and we have dismissed all but this one option which is now believed to be the least-worst for our Practice and patients as a whole.

We have been consolidating and organising the many responses received and will now be carefully considering the information provided in detail, to fully understand the views of and potential impact on our patients. We will reconsider previously dismissed options alongside this information to re-judge whether this is the correct way to proceed and will also explore any new ideas arising from the feedback as a possible new alternative.

We will be taking as much time as we need to understand and debate the feedback and then discuss the results of our deliberations with our staff and the Patient Participation Group (PPG). We hope to have reached a definite conclusion by the end of the year and will update our website with progress during this process, as appropriate.

Ruth Cater – Practice Manager on behalf of the Partners and management, Staffa Health.


Monday 26th August 2019

The consultation on the future of Pilsley Surgery had now closed.

Thank you to all of our patients and stakeholders who have taken time to provide us with their feedback.

We will now be taking some time to review all of the feedback we have received before any decisions are taken. Updates will be given here, on our website.



Monday 24th June 2019


Staffa Health have had to make the difficult decision to commence a Consultation with our patients and stakeholders to propose to permanently close Pilsley surgery.



Staffa Health provides a high degree of choice to our patients in terms of appointment type, location, time of day, day of the week and the ability to book ahead and on the day.

Operating in this way over our four sites and providing effective GP cover is challenging. For some time the Practice has been experiencing increasing difficulty in sustaining clinical GP cover over four sites.   In common with other Practices across the country we have experienced a reduction in the number of GPs working for the Practice and we have not been able to recruit to our vacant GP posts.

As a Practice we are primarily concerned with the well-being of our patients and we now believe that bringing services together on fewer sites is the only way that we will be able to continue to deliver high quality care to our patients.


Why is the Change Being Proposed?

The proposal is almost entirely due to the decrease in the number of GPs we have working in the Practice, as we are unable to continue to cover four sites with the GP staff available. We also believe however, that operating clinical services on fewer sites will allow us to redesign aspects of our service overall. This will allow the Practice to remain sustainable in the longer term and to continue to provide a quality service into the future.

We understand the service is highly valued by local residents, and has been a feature of the village for many years, however we consider the reasons for the proposed closure are compelling. We believe that by reducing the number of surgeries we provide clinical services from we will be able to continue to offer an efficient and sustainable GP service that retains the standard of quality our patients have come to expect from us.

Patients that utilise Pilsley surgery will receive a letter after the 24th June giving them more information on the proposal and inviting them to take part in the Consultation by completing a Questionnaire.

The letter to patients that explains the proposal is available here: Pilsley Surgery Patient Consultation – Letter to Patients

A fact sheet containing further information and frequently asked questions is available here: Pilsley Surgery Patient Consultation – FAQs


How You Can Have Your Say

The formal Consultation with patients and stakeholders potentially affected by the proposal will begin on the 24th June 2019. The Consultation will take place over 60 days and will end at the close of business on the 23rd August 2019.

The purpose of the Consultation is to understand and consider the views of our patients and stakeholders on the proposal and understand more fully what the impacts of the change may be. We will welcome all your views.

We are inviting patients and stakeholders to share their views by completing a Questionnaire.

The Questionnaire is available online here.

Consultation documents and paper copies of the Questionnaire are available in all our surgeries or can be requested by post for those unable to obtain one otherwise.

If you need this information in another format or language, or if you would like help completing the Consultation Questionnaire please call 01773 309030.

We will also be holding drop-in information sessions at the Pilsley Surgery for people to drop in and ask any further questions.

The drop-in sessions will be held on:

Wednesday 10th July – 3.00pm to 7.00pm – Pilsley Surgery

Monday 29th July – 8.30am to 10.30am – Pilsley Surgery

Tuesday 30th July – 1.00pm to 3.00pm – Pilsley Surgery

There will be a senior member of the Staffa Health Practice team available to answer your questions at every session.


You can email your views to: [email protected]

Or you can write to us at:

The Practice Manager

Staffa Health

3 Waverly Street



DE55 5PS


Please get involved in the Consultation in any of the ways described above, your views are important.