Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Staffa Health is a part of Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). NHS Hardwick CCG brings together local GPs and other NHS workers to plan and help shape health services in this area of Derbyshire.  This includes the areas around South Normanton, Bolsover and Clay Cross. The organisation has representation from all sixteen GP Practices in the area and has a Governing Body made up of local GPs, other health professionals, lay members and NHS staff. 

NHS Hardwick CCG is responsible for:

  • Planning health services based on the needs of the local communities
  • Purchasing services that meet the communities’ needs
  • Monitoring the quality of the services and care provided to patients.

The population of Hardwick CCG area includes everyone registered with any of the 16 GP practices, plus anyone living in the Hardwick area (shown below in green) who is not registered with a GP practice. The green shaded area on the map also shows the boundaries of Hardwick CCG. The CCG has a total population of just over 102,000 people.  For more information please visit the  Hardwick CCG website